Last Friday I was as happy as a teenage girl listening to Bob Mould play tracks from Sugar at the Williamsburg Park in Brooklyn. That man still plays fast and furious, and it is awesome. His new album Silver Age is out now. I haven’t had a chance to listen to all of the songs yet but I have seen ‘The Decent‘, the new video directed by Alicia J. Rose, shot in Portland, OR. I felt meh about it.

Sugar was written when he lived at 70 Richardson Street, Brooklyn. My favorite song from the album is Hoover Dam. Enjoy!

What do you listen to to fire-up for the week?
MUSIC monday posts are to share music that I’m particularly excited about or that I’m currently listening to. Music is such an integral part of my life as a designer. I honestly can’t separate them—nor would I ever want to! I hope you enjoy my selections. Drop me a note if you hear of anything new you think I would enjoy, and, thanks!